Load Out Slide Out Trays

Load Out Slide Out Trays


Trucks, they're amazing bits of kit. You can put a huuuuge amount of kit in them, but getting that kit out can be a bit cumberson. 


Load gear in and out using our Load Out slide out trays.


Made from 18mm Birch Ply Hexa with 250kg rated drawer runners. It has cut outs on the base of the tray and side of the tray to fit transport straps, bungee, webbing etc for securing boxes and kit. The sides are raised to support any other items placed at the wheel arch (jack, tools, screen wash...any other truck related stuff). The tray system is held in place by 4 ratchet straps which loop through the retaining points in the truck bed.


No drilling, bolting etc. which means if you need to remove it then it's a relatively quick job and can then be easily stored in a garage / workshop or transferred to a new truck.


We'll be creating a range of Load Out Trays in early 2022 but for now we can facilitate orders for custom sizes.


Please drop us an email at info@theplyguys.co.uk for a bespoke quotation.


To help us price your creation accurately we ask you to include total width and depth dimensions of the system. Please read the internal and external dimensional requirements below and make it clear which dimensions you are providing us with.


The version in the images above it for a 2016 Ford Ranger and was £1050. It's dimensions are;



1282mm long x 1010mm wide



1380mm long x 1120mm wide x 315mm high