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It's all about the journey, meet the new turas


Loch Lomond, Scotland

The Turas (meaning 'Journey' in Gaelic) is our new Land Rover Defender 90 build package that features a full width, height adjustable, removable bed platform with internal storage underneath and a large slide out tray for all your gear.

The bed platform ingeniously incorporates the Nooks wall system, providing a full-length, height-adjustable sleeping area with four available height positions, with the lowest being the optimal choice for a good night's rest. Supported by two metal struts (included), the bed can be effortlessly set up and removed within minutes. Internally self-supported, the bed extension can also rest on the passenger seat when folded over. Moreover, as the extension reaches the dashboard, adding cushions could extend the bed length to over 2 meters, offering even more comfort.

The load-out tray features one-inch-wide lashing points integrated into the base, facilitating easy strapping of either two Wolf Pack Pro containers or a YETI 30 Loadout Box, or similar alternatives. Additionally, there's a convenient storage section situated to the right of the internal tray, ideal for accommodating a high lift jack or a certain pheasant exterminator tool (I'll leave you to ponder what that might be). This unit is securely bolted into our Urlar floor but can be easily removed within minutes. While it's a standard inclusion in our package build, it's also available for separate purchase. Feel free to reach out for further details if you're interested.

The meticulously designed driver's side kitchen and storage unit offer generous space to accommodate all your essential items, ensuring you have everything you need for your adventures. With convenient top and front locker access, accessing your belongings is a breeze, making organization effortless. Notably, there's designated storage space for a Dometic Hydration Jug, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout your journey, while a clever cutout is available for an EcoFlow River 2 Pro, ensuring easy access to charge all your tech.

Our Suas roof is made from 6mm natural birch and finished with topographical engraving from Islay, the historic birthplace of the Land Rover name adding a touch of heritage and character to your vehicle. As part of the package, we include two touch on/off LED lights, ensuring your space is well-lit for any adventure. To streamline the installation process, we kindly request that all wiring be completed prior to your visit allowing us to simply connect the lights during installation, ensuring everything is seamlessly integrated into your Suas roof.

Our Balla walls, designed to maximise functionality and versatility in your vehicle, utilise our signature Nooks system, these walls offer adjustable height for the bed platform, allowing customisable sleeping options . When the bed platform is removed, they provide lots of storage options, perfect for organising tools and essential equipment, keeping them easily accessible whenever you need them. Crafted from robust 12mm natural birch, these walls not only provide structural integrity but also enhance the overall appeal of your vehicle's interior.

The Turas: Land Rover Defender 90 Package includes;

  • Landrover Defender 90 Urlar Floor 12mm black hexa birch

  • Balla wall system in 12mm natural birch with Nooks cutouts

  • Suas ceiling with natural birch with topographical engraving and 2 x touch on/off 12v lights (wiring loom must be fitted prior)

  • Full width, height adjustable, removable bed platform (featuring weight saving hexagonal cutouts) 18mm black hexa birch

  • Load out tray for Land Rover 90 in 18mm black hexa birch

  • Turas Kitchen & Storage Unit in 12mm black hexa

  • Upholstery Included with a choice of Harris Tweed

  • Appliances not included, available on request

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Our Turas upholstery comes in the following options

- Harris Tweed Burnt Orange

- Harris Tweed Black & White Herringbone

- Harris Tweed Teal

- Standard Grey Fabric

- Black Faux Leather

Modifications to this build are available, for more info please book a call here


Turas removable bed platform

circa 1400mm (w) x 1000mm (l) (( extends 720mm (l) x 730mm (w) to an overall bed length of 1720mm ))

Approx clearance is 450mm from the top of the load out tray to the underside of the bed struts, if the tray is removed this will be approx 500mm.

Turas Kitchen and Storage Unit

1070mm (w) x 400mm (d) x 512mm (h) 

Load out tray

External - 850mm (w) x 1100mm (l) x 118mm (h)

Main tray Internal - 596mm (w) x 1052mm (l) x 70mm (h) (( extends 900mm ))

Right hand side storage - 124mm (w) x 1082mm (l) x 100mm (h)


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