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You asked for it, So we made it a thing!


Loch Lomond, Scotland

You asked for it, and kept asking... so eventually we knew it should be a thing. So, we made it a thing. A big thing. Well, a small thing, but kinda a big deal...

Here we have it; a light-weight, super sleek, slimline and stylish passenger side storage pod for VW Caddy Maxi's. Perfectly designed to marry up with our Torridon, or Schiehallion pull out bed models, and also our Bruich Biadh slide out storage drawer and seating system.

Please note this unit must be paired with our Balla Wall system due to the open back design.

We all know Caddy's aren't the biggest vans around but that doesn't stop us designing epic furniture for them to make a more functional and usable space than ever before. The Clachan Storadh Caddy Maxi version has a high level worktop and a low level section too. This low level section sneaks in storage underneath while maintaining open space above, making it pretty handy for the old jacket/bag hanging.

Keeping this section lower down maintains the all important air space which is a must in smaller van conversions. If you build units that are too big well it becomes a very small space and you lose all those lovely van attributes. The rear section of the unit is at a higher level, 600mm to create a multi level storage dooket system below. Stylised with our ever popular bungee there are two top sections which are still accessable when the Torridon or Schiehallion bed system is in full bed mode. Perfect for stashing your phone or making a cheeky brew on a JetBoil from the comfort of your bed.

Below this is a large open storage section into the wheel arch. We don't box anything off here as we're maximising all the nooks and crannies a Caddy has. Strikingly contrasted with our Black Hexa birch plywood and natural worktops (both low and high level). This also helps to create the illusion of space and lightness in your van. Keeping dark colours low and lighter highlights to the top, brightening the environment.

Dimensions and specs;1300mm long, 600mm high (tall section), 290mm high (low section), 240mm deep (into van from wall). The tall section is 820mm long and the low section is 480mm long (1300mm total).

Placement: The Clachan Storadh unit covers the wheel arch on the passenger side of a RHD VW Caddy Maxi Mk4.

Materials:Manufactured from high quality black hexa birch plywood and natural birch plywood, with Marlow Bungee.

Install:The unit is designed to be installed using inserts and bolts into a ply floor. This makes sure the unit is not only secure but can be fitted / removed easily making it super simple to transition from epic camper to bike / board / work machine.

The Clachan Storadh Caddy Maxi can be collected by customers at the farm, or a fitting / installation date can be organised.

Shipping is not available on this item.


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