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HMS Ply vs The Tay

The River Tay, November 2021

#wakeuptoadventure @theplyguys

November sunshine on the Tay with pals...autumn in Scotland definitely delivers!

The original plan had been to squeeze in a weekend of fishing on the Tay but sometimes work gets in the way of fun so we missed the last weekend of the season. Gutted. So, when the forecast promised wall to wall sunshine and no rain it was time to load up the vans and head east. After some 'off road' endeavours in the Ducato the previous week we decided against lugging its heavy ass across a flooded field. The BF's may give it that 4x4 look but at 3.2t it's not exactly light on its feet! Still we managed to catch a cracking spot on solid ground down by the river.

You can't beat Perthshire for a bit of autumn colour and with the river devoid of fishermen it was a great opportunity to go for a paddle.

We're not going to pretnd that this wee river pootle is going to make the Banff Film Festival 2022 but it was great to get away grab some good food, a few beers and enjoy the Scottish outdoors so if you've got a minute (or 59secs to be precise) check out the video below:

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