Urlar Van Floor System

Urlar Van Floor System

PriceFrom £345.00

The most secure and flexible system for fitting our awesome campervan furniture.


The Urlar (or floor in Gaelic) system provides pre-drilled points for securing down The Ply Guys builds. This provides a super secure, mechanical fixing via M8 threaded inserts and M8 bolts but also enables the units to be fitted/removed quickly. Empty van to campervan in 15 minutes…yup!

Our Urlar flooring is made to order and available in 12mm Birch Ply in Black Hexa or Grey Hexa. No need to bond on any floor coverings or work with cheap plywood!


It’s also available as a standard floor – so even if you’re doing something different with your van you can still have an epic floor and utilise straps, button fixings or conventional L-brackets to keep everything strapped down.

  • Tech Specs & Dimensions

    Manufactured from 12mm Birch Ply with phenolic coating

    CNC cut from CAD files for the vans listed above

    Load points are cut out with covers included

    Due to the size of the panels and shape of the floor these are not 1 piece floors. The approximate joining positions are shown in the CAD image. 

  • Compatibility


    VW Caddy (please state year when ordered)



    VW Caddy Maxi

    VW T5/T6 SWB

    VW T5/T6 LWB

    VW T5/T6 SWB Kombi (rear section only)

    VW T5/T6 LWB Kombi

    Ford Transit Custom SWB (L1)

    Ford Transit Custom LWB (L2)



    VW Crafter L2-L4

    Mercedes Sprinter L2-L4

    MAN L2-L4

    Coming soon Transit L3 & L4

  • Delivery


    Collection only. We would love to be able to ship these out but unfortunately, the UK courier/freight network just doesn’t work for things like this. On the plus side, we can assist in fitting and if you’ve ordered other furniture items from us then we’ll fit these when you come to visit.

  • Fitting / Install

    Urlar can be mechanically fixed or bonded to your van floor.

    Our preferred method of fixing is to bond thin wood slats between the ribs in the van floor and screw the floor down onto these slats. This avoids screwing through the van floor. This method is also beneficial if at a later date you decide to put the van back to ‘standard’ (think lease or work van) or fancy changing up at a later date the floor can be unscrewed and lifted out.

    For bonding we recommend SikaFlex 512 (or similar) or CT-1. Both offer excellent bonding properties when applied to a dry and clean surface. If you are insulating the floor please bear in mind that the insulation should go over the top of the slats to ensure a solid bond of the slats onto the floor.

    The size of slats varies depending on the type of van. There are loads of things online (try YouTube) to assist!

    Unless you opt for a 'blank' floor, your Urlar will be pre-drilled with insert screws to line up perfectly with your chosen furniture system. It is currently compatible with the following Ply Guys units:

    • Torridon
    • Clachan
    • Bruich (all variations)
    • Cuillin
    • Assynt
    • Sutherland

    With the exception of the Cuillin all units are directly secured to the floor using mechanical fixings. The Cuillin system utilises 4 x ‘L’ brackets positioned to the outside of the uprights

    The number of fixings pre-drilled and fitted with insert screws are as follows:

    Clachan: 4

    Bruich: 8

    Bruich Beag: 4

    Torridon: 6

    Cuillin: 4

    Assynt: 8 (6 in Kombi SWB version)

    Sutherland: 8

    We use M8 high tensile bolts and stainless-steel insert screws