Bike Slides

Bike Slides


We've done a few of these now, but we haven't really advertised it. Bit daft eh.... so thought we would do.


Heavy duty locking drawer slides rated to 225kgs, so yes, you can fit all the ebikes you like on these bad boys. Material wise, we only use the best - 18mm black hex birch plywood. As you've guessed from our company name.... we're quite large fans of plywood.....


We'll be creating a range of bike slides in early 2022 but for now we can facilitate orders for custom sizes.


Please drop us an email at for a bespoke quotation.


To help us price your creation accurately we ask you to include total width and depth dimensions of the system. Please read the internal and external dimensional requirements below and make it clear which dimensions you are providing us with.


The example in the photographs above is;



720mm x 1402mm



830 x 1450mm


So we have to add 110mm to the internal width of your tray, and 48mm to the depth.


Mounting, these can be screwed directly into or (ideally) through the floor of your van or truck.


Prices start from £750, and we can ship them anywhere in the UK on a pallet. 


For fork mounts, personally we use these guys...., Dom and Helen are now good friends of ours, and we like good friends, especially ones that make good products. Dominic is a motorsport designer, his stuff is good, really good.