Assynt: Twin sofa with U-shape setup and two extending drawer units

Assynt: Twin sofa with U-shape setup and two extending drawer units

PriceFrom £1,750.00

The Assynt is our latest design featuring a twin sofa set up with two 900mm extending drawer boxes and flexible infill panels. The versatile U-shaped design feature can be set up at either the front or the rear of the unit, or removed completely allowing for maximum load through space. Ideal for bikes, board, skis, or anything else you can fit in!


The panels can form a bed, table (table leg not included but we recommend grabbing one from Campervan Interiors) or sociable seating area depending on the time of day. The extendable, load-rated drawers offer storage on one side and an outdoor cook station, worktop and additional storage on the other.


At the front of each sofa is a handy storage box that is easily accessible from inside the van and we've also added some extra wheel arch storage spaces accessible from top loading locker lids.


We understand that the weather isn't always ideal for outside cooking so we've made the pull out drawers accessible from inside your van via top loading lockers and removable cupboard doors. 


The unit has been designed around T5/T6 dimensions but can easily fit other medium and large sized vans. If you want to order an Assynt system for your van and it isn't a T5/T6 please fill in the information below the drop down menu about your van type and we'll do the rest



  • Tech Specs

    Each unit is 1800mm (L) x 395 (H) x 600 (W)

    There are three infill boards,  2x500mm, and 1x800mm. You can use these boards to create a U-shape at either end (or both ends) of the sofa or add in the third panel to form a bed

    The drawers extend by 900mm and are rated to 65kg per drawer. These can be up-rated to 250kg at an additional cost.

  • Assembly

    Your Assynt unit will arrive flat-packed ready to assemble or we can pre-build the unit for you at an extra cost of £100,

    For self-assembly, instructions are provided.

  • Delivery

    Delivery - we are currently operating on a 4 week lead time.

  • Fitting

    Our Assynt unit can be fitted in multiple ways;

    1. Using L brackets and screws to the floor of the van.

    2. Threaded inserts can be fitted to the floor of your van to enable you to use bolts to quickly and easily fit and remove your Cuillin from your van. 

    3. D-Rings can be fitted to the vertical sides of the unit, these can then be ratchet strapped down to the standard lashing points in your van. This enables you to quickly remove and refit your Cuillin without making any holes in your standard van or using any screws.