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Storm, snow and swimming?

Tighnabruaich, November 2021

@theplyguys #wakeuptoadventure

60+ mph winds, snow and -2.c … perfect van trip conditions 🤙🏻

Ok, we‘re definitely not going to gloss over the fact that sitting by the sea in 60+ knots of wind is a bit ‘bumpy’. However, on the plus side whilst some people were enduring a lock-in on a snowy Yorkshire moor listening to never ending Oasis covers, we had wind, rain and hail but with the promise of a couple of days of great weather to follow!

As mountain bike trails around the country took a hammering it was a great opportunity to get out on the water.

Old Yeller (the paddle board) made an appearance and Abi decided it was a great opportunity to swim 🥶 She’s signed up for Iron Man Barcelona in 2023 (having completed Iron Man Wales 2018) and couldn’t resist a bit of open water training...amazing to be the only people out on the water but there was probably a reason for that!

What a difference a day makes!

Friday … Saturday … Sunday … only in Scotland!

However, with variable weather comes some epic scenery. We’re so lucky to have this on our doorstep

The dusting of snow has us thinking ahead to winter. We can’t wait for some ski/board adventures!


@theplyguys #wakeuptoadventure


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