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Slidey, Slidey

Loch Lomond, November 2021

#wakeuptoadventure @lodedbikes @theplyguys

We've made loads of these for customers as part of bespoke builds in Medium and Large vans. If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen a few versions covering; Road, Triathalon, Enduro and eBike builds ranging from single slides to multi-bike setups.

This particulary setup features in a LWB Mercedes Vito and doubles as a very smart work van during the week


Slidey, slidey goodness for Small (Connect, Caddy etc), Medium (Transit, T5/6 etc) and Large vans (Ducato/Relay, Sprinter/Crafter etc) as a standalone product. Yup, we've been quietly refining the design and integrating some very cunning features. Add in some Loaded Bikes recessed track and our Bike Slides are not only going to be the most functional slide system you've seen but easily the best looking! ... Rothar coming soon


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