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Our Sutherland has had a major upgrade!


Loch Lomond, Scotland

The Sutherland…one massive drawer to rule them all! Well actually, it’s two drawers (one slightly larger than the other) and a rear extensionpod giving you an epic amount of storage space in the back of your LWB or SWB van. It’s also a super strong full width bed base and fits a range of vans styles including Kombi's.

The Sutherland unit come in 3 sections, the main left and right drawer units connect to give to a 1200mm x 1590mm platform perfect for SWB vans, add the optional extension pod at 600mm for a full length 1800mm bed platform.

The Sutherland can be fitted temporarily via ratchet strap tie downs or more permanently via bolts and insert nuts. Two people can lift the system in / out (although another pair of hands does make the job easier).

The Sutherland is made from 12mm Black Hexa Birch Ply and is designed for holding all your outdoor equipment (although equally at home on the tools) PLUS Uprated runners give a huge 200kg load rating per drawer.

The smaller drawer box positioned to the right features two locker tops that serve as a versatile cook station platform. This configuration optimizes space utilisation and provides a convenient area for culinary activities. Whether preparing ingredients, assembling dishes, or organizing utensils, these locker tops offer a practical and functional solution for cooking needs.


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