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Nae Snae

Glencoe, January 2022

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Well that wasn't the plan! Scotland in January, there's always snow. Except when you need it!

This photoshoot had been planned for a while and already cancelled once. It takes time to plan these things and we'd pushed it back a week in the hope of more of the white stuff and a bit of a ski touring trip. However, that wasn't to be. Instead of more snow it got warm...and wet. B*llocks. Anyway, in the west of Scotland we're used to the weather being 'variable' so decided to crack on anyway and at least living this close to the mountains it's not a mammoth trip.

'Atmospheric' in Glencoe

We'd teamed up with the Scott distributor to do a preliminary shoot of their new range compbined with a new layout in our T5 featuring the Schiehallion bed/seat/storage system. From our side we wanted to showcase the flexibility of the storage and what better way than ramming 3 sets of skis, boots, poles and gear into it and heading out for a ski tour.

With no snow we had to make do with the conditions on hand but with low cloud and more wind than forecast we decided hiking was probably off the cards too. So, photos and then pub! The Clachaig ( is always a stopping off point for us and the Boot Bar (round the back) is awesome for some pub food, good chat and the massive log burner allowed us to dry off some kit.

Here are some more photos from the trip out:

As soon as the Snae appears we'll be back out to try again!

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