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EWS ... Mud, Mud and More Mud (and some Bikes)

October 2021, EWS Tweed Valley, Innerleithen

Event website:

Round 9 of the Enduro World Series (EWS) was at Innerleithen and it was epic. The title above says it was unbelievably muddy!

Photo Credits (L to R) @douglas.carchrie @digitial_downhill @martinpeak

Known for being a bit sketchy at the best of times, Innerleithen in Autumn after a serious amount of rain was always going to be entertaining. The racing didn't disappoint and if you follow the series you'll know it wasn't without it controversies! Away from the racing there was a great atmosphere at the Festival Village with loads of exhibitors and shows (Drop N' Roll Tour was quality).

Although we weren't exhibiting (or riding) we did manage to make some stuff...Santa Cruz took over The Traquair Arms for the event so we made them this sign:

Traquair Arms was the home for Santa Cruz for the event (sign supplied by The Ply Guys)

We'll be back for 2022, maybe riding...definitely with a van (or two) and certainly with a beer in hand!

If you want to watch the mayhem check out the EWS / GMBN Highlights on YouTube:

Whilst we were in Innerleithen we had a few people ask what setup we had in the van as we do change things around a fair bit! This is the single MTB setup we're currently running in our LWB T5:

It features a single fork mount from the guys at Loaded Bikes (@loadedbikes) and our Torridon / Clachan / Bruich Beag units. It's simple, flexible and perfect for moutain biking. We're due to fit a full Threshold Rail so we can carry some more bikes as the Clachan (and Torridon) can be easily removed.


Torridon Bed/Seat System in Black Hexa with Storage Drawer option and Harris Tweed

Clachan Storage/Seat/U-Shape System in Black Hexa with Storage Srawer option and Harris Tweed

Bruich Beag Kitchen Unit

Loaded Bike Surface Rail


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Mark Hogarth
Mark Hogarth
Oct 13, 2021

Impressive integration for bikes - nice work

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