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The Road Book Vol.1

Loch Lomond, January 2022

We put together The Road Book as a way of recording and remembering our van trips. Part work, part play but a great record of 2021. We've been lucky to be involved in some pretty cool trips and projects but we have no record of them. Some have been lost when a laptop has died or that crucial USB has broken so we wanted to create a physical record that hopefully will be around for years to come.

So why not create your own? There are loads of websites which produce these books and after looking around we found that had a great deal on a 100-page, A4 book. It took us a while to decide on the format and style but after all the photos were sorted and ordered it took about a day to put the 150 or so images into the website. It seems like a long time but it’s awesome to have a physical record of all the trips, vans, poeople and places. You just don’t get that scrolling back through social media.

If you’re passing our new workshops (more on that in another post) we’ll have copies out on the coffee table (along with an average coffee) and you're more than welcome to have a look. We're planning to make a Road Book each year alongside some other van-related publications.


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