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The Mighty Coe

Glencoe Mountain, Ballachullish

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Sunshine and skiing in Scotland in March?! Yup, a trip to Glencoe for the Mighty Coe delivered.

Glen Coe is the most iconic ski and snowsport destination in the UK, so there’s nowhere better to host the UK’s first-ever mountain-based ski and snowboard festival.

We took our T5, Transit Custom and Ducato for the weeknd and it was great to showcase the latest TPG fitouts.

Honestly, there was some good snow up on the mountain!

It was also a great opportunity to demo some skis in some fun spring snow. We swapped out our usual planks and jumped on some of the latest offerings from; Salomon, Atomic and Scott.

Skiing in March in a hoodie ... yeah that'll do and maybe make up for the lack of skiing we've had this season.

One of the major bonuses of getting out and about in March; the start of longer days and no midges. Tempest Brewing put on the beers and the North Face / Ellis Brigham 'Snow Night' was a showcase of some great winter sports films in the all new building at Glencoe. It was the first weekend the new building was open and we got to check it out ... lots of nice Birch Ply in there! Can't wait to get back up there when the uplift MTB track opens.

We had a great couple of nights with friends - hopefully the first of many this year!

Big thanks to our pals at Scott Skis for the invite up and here's hoping the event runs next year

Keep an eye out for an upcoming collaboation with the POW


@theplyguys @glencoemountain @themightycoe @protectourwinters

The Mighty Coe:


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