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The Coe

Glencoe Mountain, Ballachullish

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Finally, the Scottish ski season begins! Better late than never but what a day. There's always a risk that with such a good forecast the ski areas are going to be busy. Thankfully, limited ticket sales kept the queues down and we can only assume that a good portion of the British ski fraternity had dealt with their snow-boners by embarking on early trips abroad or maybe they were just less than enthused by the prospect of some Scottish rock hopping.

Whatever they were up to they missed an epic day.

It was one of those rare Scottish ski days when the forecast was actually right, delivering as promised sunshine, no wind and decent snow.

Here's hoping for some more local days before we turn our attention to summer van trips.

Some ski touring and back country is definitely on the cards as there are some tours we've been waiting to do for ages. Plus we've got some new kit to try out!

If you're looking for your next van trip to the hills check out Mighty Coe event at the end of March. More information here:


@theplyguys @glencoemountain


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