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Introducing NOOKS...


Loch Lomond, Scotland

Introducing NOOKS...

You may have seen NOOKS boards popping up in some of our builds recently. They're now ready to go and we've created a new brand and website for them. Still brought to you by your friendly team at Ply Guys, NOOKS is a modular storage system for your van, home, garage or lady cave. If like us you spend 99% of your disposable income on way more gear than you need then this will help organise your life.

NOOKS Boards come with a number of nifty attachments allowing you to configure your board however you like. Whether it be sports equipment, books, bikes, booze bottles or tools – you’ll find the NOOKS Board incredibly useful. The board and accessories can be configured to best suit your needs, and if you change your mind, you can rejig to your heart’s content.

Design leads everything that we do. The NOOKS & hooks have been fine tuned to be strong & versatile. You can of course add to these with our Accessories Packs and over time we'll be increasing to the options list with some additions coming very soon...MTB/Gravel/Road bike holder, yeah that's an option; motorbike helmet store, yup; surf board rack, go on then. Fishing rod holder, ski rack, dog lead store - all ready to go.

At the moment all of our NOOKS Boards are in 12mm Natural Birch, landscape orientation. Coming in the next few weeks will be the Vertical NOOK (portrait orientation) which can be incorporated into your NOOKS Layout...1 x Vertical with 2 x Original = a whole load of wall storage! In January we'll be launching the Black Edition...the same features and setup but in Black Hexa Birch.

Drop us a note through the Contact Us section at to be the first to know when the new versions launch and receive pre-order discounts.

NOOKS boards are available in two styles; Van and Original. Van is ... for vans and Original ... it does everything else!

The NOOKS Original comes with:

  • 4 Hooks

  • 2 Shelves

  • 2 Shelf Arms

  • 4 Wall Mount Discs

  • Screws & Rawl Plugs

The Van Style NOOKS Boards comes with:

  • 4 Hooks

  • 2 Tall Hooks ... because shelves in vans don't really work!

  • 4 Mount Discs

  • Screws

Shipping Products will typically be delivered within 2-3 working days.

NOOKS Boards are now available to purchase on the NOOKS website:

or you can add them to your build via the lifestyle section of The Ply Guys website here:

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