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Meet Marco...

Glasgow, November 2021

#wakeuptoadventure @theplyguys

The Bready is here…along with a big F-You to the ECU

Meet Marco (the Polo) or to give him his full title ‘VW Polo Mk2 1.0 CL Wagon'. A fine vintage sporting a punchy 55hp (when new!) he’s only wondered a meagre 68k miles in 31 years…

The Ply Guys treatment is incoming so expect to see some epic birch touches, ingenious storage solutions and maybe a few bits of Harris Tweed. We’ll be dusting the spanners off and dropping some updates as we get him ready for some 2022 shenanigans.

So, it’s no to AdBlue and yes to carbs, condensers and a relentless hunt for E5


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