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Land Rover Classic is making a revival..

The Ply Guys

Sep 2023


We've been busy over the last few month working with Land Rover Classic on a very top secret project, saldy it wasnt for the new Bond car but we have to admit this new Defender Expedition wouldnt look out of place with 007 behind the wheel!

In a world where everything is getting more modern and sleek, it's nice to see that there's still a place for the Classic Defender. It's a reminder of the good old days when cars were built to last, and while it may not be the fastest or the most reliable vehicle out there, it's got has character, and that's why we love them!

The new "Expedition Camper" was finally showcased at this year's Goodwood Revival in September and this stunning vehicle is the perfect companion for overland trips, designed to showcase the adventure capability of the iconic Classic Defender. The Land Rover Classic vehicles at Goodwood Revival were impressive. The Black Pack Classic Defender 110 had a stylish black exterior, while the 90 Station Wagon was a vintage tribute to Land Rover's history. The Trophy Support Trucks looked rugged and tough, fitting for adventurous journeys.

What sets the Land Rover Classic Expedition apart is the curated collection of original parts and accessories that have been carefully engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. In terms of exterior enhancements, the Expedition Camper boasts LED headlights, side steps, black sawtooth wheels, and a black exterior pack that darkens the grille, headlight surrounds, and heritage badging.

As self proclaimed Land Rover addicts, being given the opportunity to design an interior that not only looks great but also works was a challenge we jumped at... Now lets talk about that interior!

Introducing the Beinn: Land Rover 110 Interior Conversion Package

Are you as crazy about these magical beasts as we are? If so, we have the perfect solution for you - the Beinn: Land Rover 110 Interior Conversion Package is designed to transform your Land Rover 110 into a comfortable and functional living space, making your outdoor trips even more awesome!

Full Width Bed with Extending Storage Drawer

The Beinn conversion package includes a updated and modified full width version of our top selling Torridon bed with a load rated extending storage drawer. This allows you to maximize space and store all your essentials (barber jackets and hunter wellies) quickly and conveniently with zero faff!. Whether you're traveling solo or with company, the comfortable bed ensures a good night's sleep, while the storage drawer provides additional space for your belongings.

Bruich Beinn Expedition Kitchen and Storage Unit

Included in the package is the Bruich Beinn Expedition Kitchen and Storage Unit. This functional unit features a large storage compartment with a hinged lift-up natural birch worktop, perfectly sized to accommodate a Cadac Pro 3 twin burner cooker. Additionally, the unit offers storage compartments with hand bungee retention systems, allowing you to store Dometic water carriers, dry goods and all your essentials securely.

Versatile Layouts and Setups

The Beinn: Land Rover 110 Interior Conversion Package features a unique slide-out design in three sections, which allows for versatile layouts and setups meaning you can easily adjust the configuration to suit your needs.

Start Your Adventure Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your Land Rover into the ultimate outdoor adventure companion. To learn more about the Beinn package, place an order, or schedule an installation, visit us here

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