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Going with the EcoFlow

April 2022

It's great to get away in the van, switch off and recharge the batteries.. but lets be honest, sometimes you still want to upload that sunset pic from Skye on Insta or look at that awesome fire pit you keep meaning to get because its freezing and keep all your gadgets fully charged so the kids aren't asking "are we there yet" every two minutes!

Having a reliable and portable power option for your van these days is a must, leisure batteries are still great but they can take up a lot of room and in a small or medium van you have to make the most of every nook and cranny. The portable battery tech market has really improved over the last few years, they're powerful, compact and you don't need to wire anything up, just plug in your laptop or phone and you're good.

We've been wanting to move away from the outdated leisure battery setup for some time so we teamed up with EcoFlow to test some of their tech with our campervan units and maybe even build awesome new products around them.

We got our hands on the RIVER Mini and at a reasonable price tag of £299 it's a great addition to you van setup. It's got a 210Wh capacity, packs a 300W (600W surge) output so you can power laptops, tablets and even projectors with ease.

A plethora of ports From traditional wall sockets to USB-A and USB-C outlets you’ve got greater port options than power banks, with much more power.

Lightning-fast charging With EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology, you can charge from 0-80% in 60 minutes from a wall socket.

Charge numerous devices With numerous outlets you can power up to 9 devices* simultaneously.

Take it anywhere Designed with mobility in mind, it’s compact and lightweight making it easy to take wherever you go.

Designed to charge several devices at once. RIVER mini comes with an AC wall outlet, DC car outlet, 3 USB-A slots and a USB-C rapid-charging port so you can keep multiple devices charged, powered or both. If you’re getting the wireless model, you’ll have all of that and a wireless charging pad.

We gave it a quick test run on our recent trip to Islay and Glencoe and we would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a way to power your smaller gadgets, it was more than enough power to charge our drone, macbook and keep our lights on for hours. if your power consumption needs are higher they also have bigger models like The River Max.

We give it 4/5 Ply stars!


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