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From Passion to Profession



June 2024

 (A guest blog by @waypointcampers INSTAGRAM)

Meet Waypoint Campers

Hello, I'm Connor Carey, owner of Waypoint Campers. I run a camper van hire service in Glasgow, featuring my lovely Ford Transit Custom. Here’s a look into why I decided to start my business and how it supports and enhances my lifestyle.

The Birth of an Idea

At the beginning of 2023, I decided to invest some of my savings into starting a small business or “side hustle” that could supplement my other forms of income. I hoped that one day it might give me the freedom to work part-time and spend more time playing. When the idea to build a camper van for hire came to me, I realized it could be the perfect plan.

A Love for the Outdoors

I’ve lived in Glasgow for most of my life. Despite being the largest city in Scotland, it’s incredible how close we are to the Highlands. Just over half an hour from the city center, you can be at Loch Lomond and on your way to places like Glencoe and Fort William. Growing up here, I quickly became a lover of outdoor activities and adventures up north. My first experience on real snow was at the Nevis Range Ski Resort, and summers were spent at Loch Lomond on a wee boat called Schmoo.

Finding My Path

My first job was at Blockbuster Videos, but I quickly realized that working in a shop or at a desk was not for me. Soon after, I became a qualified snowboard instructor and left Blockbuster to work at Glasgow Ski & Snowboard Centre. Best decision ever! I also got my commercial boat driver’s license and started driving speedboat tours on Loch Lomond. This combination of seasonal jobs allowed me to work hard all summer and spend the winters chasing snow around Scotland and the rest of the world.

The Snowboarding Journey

As a youth, I had some success in the national competitive circuit, gaining sponsorship from a few brands. Eventually, I became more focused on the multimedia side of snowboarding, documenting my riding on film. I occasionally got invited on trips with The Reason magazine and Whitelines, and was part of some independently produced snowboard films with the SoapBarWax crew. This side of snowboarding allowed me to be more creative and travel to unique places like the streets of Finland or an abandoned house in Colorado.

Building and Shaping Snowparks

Focused on freestyle and park riding, I started building and shaping snowparks at the now-closed indoor snow facility in Glasgow, where I also worked as an instructor. Building jumps is just part of being a snowboarder, so getting paid to do it was a bonus! Eventually, I moved to Austria with my good pal Richie (if you've had your van fitted out with The Ply Guys then you'll know exactly who he is!) to work on the snowpark team at Solden ski resort. Sadly, the COVID-19 lockdowns ended our time there prematurely.

Exploring Scottish Backcountry

Since returning from Austria, Richie and I spent winters in Scotland filming a series called GlenClosed, exploring the Scottish Highlands in search of the best snowboarding spots. Venturing away from the ski resorts was an eye-opener to the possibilities in the Scottish backcountry. If you’re cool with long walks, you can find some world-class lines in these hills.

Check out our series here.

Starting SnowParkScotland

A few winters ago, Richie and I, noticing a serious lack of quality snowpark facilities in Scotland, decided to make a difference. We started SnowParkScotland, aiming to create snowparks in Scotland that rival those in European and North American ski resorts. Today, we run snow-sports events, including the annual Glencoe Gathering, and work with Snowsport Scotland to provide training pathways for young riders and athletes.

Follow us on Instagram @SnowParkScotland

The Camper Van Business

When I had the idea to build a camper for hire, I knew it would open a world of possibilities. The seasonal nature of the camper hire business meant that when the busy season was over, I could use the van as a base for my snow-sports adventures. It was a game-changer. Staying on-site for park projects and events meant less time and money spent on driving and hotels. So after seeing Richie’s work van in action, I knew The Ply Guys' products were ideal for what I needed. I worked with them to design a van that could accommodate me and my snowboard equipment and also function as an attractive hire vehicle for holidaymakers. For me, simplicity and avoiding clutter were key. The Schiehallion bed frame provided huge amounts of storage space, and the Bruich Biadh kitchen pod was perfect with its outdoor work and cook station. I love the little mountain peaks on the panels and trim, and the funky roof design featuring the contour lines of the Torridon Mountain range in Scotland.

Looking Ahead

Starting my second year of business, the van is still going strong. I recently visited The Ply Guys for a photo shoot before the summer holidays begin. I’m looking forward to having van #2 on the way and hope that Waypoint Campers will continue to grow, supporting my lifestyle of enjoying adventures in Scotland!

If any readers are planning on getting their own camper, I can’t recommend it enough. If you want to give mine a test run first, head over to

Thank you for joining me on this journey!


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