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Banff Mountain Film Festival ... yeah we're in it...sort of

October 2021, Kings Theatre, Glasgow (and other venues around the UK & Ireland


The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is something we look forward to every year. If you don't know what it is, we thoroughly recommend you check out the link above but essentially it's a collection of award winning adventure films some of which are very short (3-4 mins) whilst other are 'featrue length' 30-45 mins. They cover a whole range of sports, interest and countries. Running, skiing, biking and kayaking features if surfing and paddle sports are your thing then you'll probably appreciate it but make sure to check out the Ocean Festival!

In 2020 it was all on-line (as a result of the whole COVID thing) which meant we had to watch at home. However, 2021 it's back to the theatre to watch back to back adventure films with pals! This was also a chance to get a bit of a team night out and it was great to get out of the shop and into town to get some food etc.

This year we wanted to get inolved and support the Fetival. If you've been to one of the screenings you will (hopefully) have seen that we're sponsoring the Grand Prize and on certain nights we're giving away one of our Banff Mountain Film Festival branded Machair Balance Boards. The Grand Prize is pretty awesome ... a Torridon, Clachan and Bruich build for your van and if you don't have a van, we are offering an equivalent value of home furniture products. If you can't make it to a screening then you can also enter online: but do check out the films if you can!

@banffmountainfestival @ukbanfffilmfest

The Ply Guys @ukbanfffilmfest...if you get there early you'll be treated to our 8 second advert on repeat. Enjoy!

or it's here:

Finally, if you want to see what you're missing out on, check out this short trailer (the full length one is available from the Banff Film Festival website):


Machadh Balance Board + Roller

Competition Entry Form:


@theplyguys #wakeuptoadventure




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