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Banff FF 2021 Winners

Banff Film Festival Tour UK & Ireland

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If you attended any of the Banff Film Festival (UK & Ireland) screenings there's a good chance you will have seen our little feature at the beginning. It was only 8 seconds but we had to start somewhere!

We're big fans of the Banff Festival and go every year for our adventure sport films fix. The schedule was disreupted in 2020 and 2021 was a little more challenging for Nell and her team due to rule changes and variations between restrictions in the UK. However, the films were as cool as ever and fans of the Tour made sure attendances were high

We sponsored the Grand Prize for 2021 which was won by Martyn from Portsmouth. Martyn won a full van fitout which we'll be doing for him later in 2022 when he collects his new T6

Some images from the films featured in the 2021 Tour:

In addition to the Grand Prize we also supported the tour with prizes at 14 of the larger screenings in Scotland, England and Wales. The prize? A bespoke BanfF Film Festival balance board and yoga roller! Some of the lucky winners are shown below:

If you missed our appearance don't worry you can relive our big screen debut here:


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