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Back in Black⚡️

Glasgow, February 2022

We've got a new addition to the fleet! Say hello to our new Transit Custom Trail (L1H1 SWB)

Why have we gone for a Ford you ask?? Well.. we have owned a lot of different vans. Some have been great, most have been good but there has also been the odd sh*t bag along the way.

At The Ply Guys we're seeing more and more inquiries for Transit Custom builds. Our existing van builds are compatible with L1 (SWB) and L2 (LWB) layouts but we wanted to showcase the flexibility of our setups across a range of vans...and we've always been Transit-Curious.

Back in the day the Transit picked up a bad reputation for rust and longevity. The engine would go on forever (if looked after) but it would leave the rest of the van behind. It also suffered from an image crisis particularly when lined up against the VW Transporter.

However, we love the Transit and after looking at loads of vans decided to put our own money down on a Transit Custom Trail in black (quite a lot of black as it turns out). Expect the full Ply Guys treatment, starting with some completely unnecessary off road tyres, sides rails, roof rack.. I think we might end up getting a bit carried away!

As a van it's hard to fault the Custom. As standard you get sooo much stuff which on German equivalents would be very costly extras. It also drives exceptionally well. Maybe not as refined as the latest T6.1 but as an all rounder it's right up there ... it's bigger than a transporter too. In van terms the extra width is really handy. It's only 100mm but when you're packing in all your adventure gear that space is very welcome.

Our build is underway and we're going to include some video on the setup on our YouTube channel. We're not really into the whole step-by-step thing and none of us look good in a bikini so we won't do the standard 'VanLife' tour but we're planning on a massively flexible setup for work and play. Here's a work in progress!

Some reviews of the Transit Custom Trail:

Hamish (The Ply Guys); I like it can we get a black one?

Craig (The Ply Guys); It's awesome, why did we get a black one?

Josh (The Ply Guys); Looks class, can I drive it? (Craig) No.

This is what Ford has to say, "Featuring a rugged, new design and improved capability, the Ford Transit Custom Trail is designed to make sure your business keeps moving. Its mechanical Limited-Slip Differential (manual transmission only) improves the Transit Custom Trail’s handling when driving off the beaten track by sending power to the wheels with the most traction. While a range of sophisticated engines improve efficiency and reduce emissions. The Transit Custom Trail’s striking exterior styling, including a unique front grille with bold FORD lettering ensures you’ll stand out wherever you are. And 16" 10-spoke alloy wheels complete the look."

...and the guys at Top Gear; It’s more utilitarian than a VW, and although it still doesn’t have its rival’s kerb appeal, it’s cheaper, there’s more choice and it drives sweetly. Personally, I rather like it, but would still have a Veedub instead – but then it doesn’t have to double as a work van for me. This is a strong step in the right direction, Ford. There’s more to the Trail than just the cosmetics: 7/10

Parkers; From the way it drives to the amount it carries and its outstanding appearance, the Ford Transit Custom works hard for the success it's achieved in the showroom, and has established a loyal following among working operators and lifestyle buyers alike.

The Ford van/commercial lineup is a little confusing at times so if you're a fan of the Blue Oval this should simplify things a bit for you:


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