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A spot of off grid camping – aye, we’re in...


Baddinsgill Farm, East Linton, Lothian

May 2024



This is Baddinsgill Farm in the Pentlands about 50mins south of Edinburgh. 4,000 acres of heather covered hills and a lot of sheep. Perfect for some Land Rovering! The owners of Baddinsgill have recently opened up some of their land for off-grid camping so we thought we would head along and see what it’s all about.


Our camp site; we parked up near one of the farm quarries. It’s a quiet spot accessed via a well made farm track. At the top there’s ample room for 4+ vehicles which makes it a great spot for a group of overland vehicles. Baddinsgill have 3 different locations for off grid camping and this is one of the higher spots above the reservoir and offers a level park up on firm ground with the quarry wall providing protection from the wind. There’s a location closer to the farm that would be perfect for vans with suitable tyres and another spot which is accessed from a different track which is more suited to 4x4 / Overlanding vehicles. For reference the Ducato easily made it to the upper quarry spot with little bother (it was dry!) and then we headed off in the Land Rovers to check out the hills. 


Coming from the West Coast we’re spoilt with mountain views but driving around Baddinsgill on a sunny Saturday afternoon was epic with rolling countryside views and at the top of West Cairn Hill we were treated with views all the way to the Firth of Forth and ‘the bridges’* 


If you’re looking for a weekend getaway and somewhere different to park up and explore the Pentlands then definitely get onto Off Grid Camp, register and book a spot at Baddinsgill. The farm is also quite close to Glentress (40min drive) so if you’re bringing the bike then make sure you add that to the plan! 


We’ll be back in the autumn for some new product launches!

*How come they’ve got 3 bridges and they can’t even fix the A83 in the west!


Social: /baddinsgillfarm @baddinsgillfarm

To book: 

This is a platform for 4x4 overlanders / offgrid (and self sufficient campers) looking for somewhere wilder to camp. You have to join ‘Off Grid Cam’ to book (this costs £25/yr) and gives you access to a network of off grid camp locations around the UK and allows you to book direct with the land owner. Baddinsgill has accessible pitches for vehicles capable of accessing un-made tracks up to 4x4 required. Vehicles my be self-sufficient and remember #leavenotrace



Please note that The Ply Guys were invited to drive off road by the owners of Baddinsgill Farm and off roading is restricted to accessing the camp spots only. Please also be aware that Baddinsgill is a working livestock farm and dogs should be kept on a lead at all times.


Looking to up your off-grid camping game, check out these products: 



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