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4X4 Adventures Scotland


Luss, Scotland

April 2024

We’re rather fortunate to have some classic Scottish scenery on our doorstep. 

So, when the opportunity came up to join the guys at 4x4 Adventures Scotland on an ‘own vehicle tour’ we jumped at the chance. Unlike the rest of the UK, Scotland doesn’t really have green lanes or much in the way of publicly accessible offroad tracks. To get our off roading mud-fix we must rely on kindly landowners or private / closed events. It’s a bit frustrating but it does make the days when we can get out all the more rewarding. 


  • Defender 110 (2011) 2.4 TDCi Commercial / HT in Fuji White 

  • Defender 90 (2007) 2.4 TDCi Commercial / HT in Keswick Green 

If you follow us on Instagram you will have seen our white Defender 110 Commercial a fair bit. This particular Defender spent most its life as a water company service vehicle in Bath before joining us to be converted to a camper. It’s a perfect combination of daily driver, workhorse and weekend warrior. 

Our green D90 is a relatively recent addition to the herd. Having previously run a 200TDi pickup, a TDCi hard top is proving a slightly more practical option albeit we’re missing the side exit, straight through exhaust! Since owning it we’ve been slowly succumbing to Defender-itis (the process of relentlessly upgrading things that are entirely unnecessary) and now we’re turning our attention to the interior. A lot of 90 owners opt for a roof tent and retain the ‘down stairs’ for gear carrying.

We need the roof rack carrying capability to cater for the unwavering number of hobbies we seem to have so the rack stays and the load area is now transformed into a multi-use storage, camping load lugging multiverse. Part of our trip out was to squeak and rattle test the install off road – more on that in a specific video but if you’ve ever driven an offroad vehicle with an aluminium fitout you’ll love birch ply! 

The guys and girls at 4x4 Adventures Scotland run a limited number of ‘own vehicle’ trips during the season. With the promise of rain and mud we opted for the early season slot and it didn’t disappoint. The trails are all on private land and part of the 45,000 acre Luss Estate.

We all met at the Lomond Arms in Luss for a briefing, catch up and riveting discussion about tyres and winches over a few bacon rolls and coffee. Our first stint saw us straight into it with some technical, narrow sections winding up the hills above Luss with some epic views of Loch Lomond

Diff locks applied, we put the vehicles through some loose gravel, slippy rocks, tree roots mud and a little wading just to keep it clean. After a lunch up on the hill we made our way back down (narrow and slippy as to be expected) to the A82 and then after a short stretch we headed up Glen Douglas to tackle the gravel paths and more mud. Rain and wind made the views over Loch Long moody and changeable but given the subject of the day it was entirely suitable.

Following the convoy of Defenders and Range Rovers we headed home late afternoon for a de-brief, snack and a cheeky beer. We’ll definitely be booking onto the next one! 

Fancy some off roading adventures yourself? Check out 4x4 Adventures Scotland here:

Considering a Defender camper build? 

Check out the build of a 110 Commercial here: 

If you’re coming to see us for an install why not ask them about a ½ day or full day trip.


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