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2021 ... it's been some year

The BBC, SKY, Times, Daily Scare and Fox 'News' have covered the main feature to death so we're not going to dwell on that. Instead let's look at some of 2021's awesome advantures and cool stuff. It's been some year. Challenging, fun, stressful and rewarding ... if only we'd bought crypto and a dog

But we've got vans and that's just about enough

Lewis & Harris

This was probably our favourite trip of the year. We go every year and try and get out to some of the other islands too but on this trip we wanted to catch up with guys and girls at Harris Tweed in person. It was great to follow the process from the raw material through the mill and weaving process to the completed fabric and meet the people involved along the way! As we're sure you are aware, we're a big fan of Harris Tweed and now offer Black and White Herringbone Harris Tweed as well as Burnt Orange in all of our builds. It's our intention to feature more Harris Tweed in our work so we'll be back in 2022!

If you're interested in the provenance Harris Tweed check out this wee video on YouTube from National Geographic:

Even when it's blowing 50+kts the Outer Hebrides still delivers!

And who doesn't love a moody sky for photos...

In 2021 we launched a whole range of new, modular products. We listened to you and built on our van life experience to deliver (what we think) is the most innovative furniture for van adventures.

All new in 2021 were:

- The Cuillin

- Schiehallion

- Assynt

- Torridon (updated)

- Bruich and Bruich Beag

- Urlar floor system

- Suas ceiling

And in 2022 we're looking forward to:

- A new workshop...more on this very soon. It's been a while in the making but it's time for moo-ve

- Launch of if you're in Europe then this is for you. All of our campervan furniture will now be available in Europe for delivery end of February onwards. Check out and follow Bertrand and his team on Social Media @assynt.van

- Oh, and The Ply Guys North America will be starting up in January. Based in Florida the guys will be shipping awesome Ply Guys builds across the USA, Canada and Mexico. Website live very soon at

- Big vans...we've actually done quite a lot of big van builds but expect to see some more modular builds for the most popular L2/L3/L4 vans

- 4x4 specific products; if you've got a pickup or Land Rover then stay tuned for more details. We've owned Hilux, Rangers and Landrovers (90's & 110's) so it's time to share The Ply Guys love with our 4x4 pals.

- We're getting out on the road...well we hope. COVID can do one! We'll be posting some information on the events we're attending. As we don't really do shows we'll be at events like ArdRock, Tweed Love, Gowaan Festival, Loch Fyne Festival etc.

- More updates on Marco...ok, maybe not as exciting as some of the other plans for 2022 but Marco (the Mk2 Polo) will be featuring in some posts as we get him ready for a very special adventure

- Home furniture? For those that have followed us from the beginning will know; we used to make a fair bit of home furniture. We never really stopped we just decided to focus on van furniture. You can still find us pedalling some natural birch, mid-century wares on Etsy but we plan on bringing back a limted range of home and office furniture in Spring.

- Finally NOOKS Design...this is a spin-off from The Ply Guys and is based around one of our very first products. It's an epic design but it just didn't get the attention it deserved. Now we've got it focussed, dialled in, tuned up and raring to go. Got a small space in need of some serioulsly functional storage options...then NOOKS is the answer. We'll be sharing some posts on our socials as it's still the same loveable Ply Guys team just wearing a different strip.

As always if there's something you think we're missing or you just need some Ply in your life get in touch.

Finally, thanks again for all your support in 2021, roll on 2022


Hamish, Craig, Marty, Paddy, Josh and Brett - The Ply Guys

(and Ellie x)


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