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VW Kombi Systems

VW Kombi's - probably one of the most useful vehicles out there. Carry up to 6 people, gear, bikes, SUP's, fishing equipment you name it. However there aren't many bed and storage systems out there, so we created versions of our campervan furniture just for you. 

The designs of our standard range products have been adapted to work with the constrained space available in VW SWB Kombi models, if you've got a LWB Kombi your in luck, our standard products will fit as you have 1800mm behind the rear seats.

Having only 1400mm of rear load space to contend with we've shortened and raised our designs. This enables our bed systems to be utilised with the folded rear seats as a bed extension. 

We've got single side slide out beds, full width fold out beds, twin sofa systems, and slide out storage gallore. Have a dribble at the below products. The listings all have drop down box options for the Kombi versions.

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