Burbage - Twin "U" Sofa / Bed for VW T5 LWB / SWB

Burbage - Twin "U" Sofa / Bed for VW T5 LWB / SWB

SKU: TPG4000

Our twin sofa is designed with interlocking panels to make assembly from flat pack as easy as making a cuppa.

With a bench sofa unit down each side you can also have this unit assembled as a "U" shaped sofa set up, or a full width bed. Using the removable cupboard doors as infill panels. 

This design maintains the full load space length in your van, keeping the ultimate versatility of the space intact. 
This unit is manufactured from 18mm Birch Ply natural finish units (one on each side of your van) that are 500mm wide each and 400mm high to clear the wheel arches. 

These units can also be fitted to a SWB but will overlap the sliding door slightly by 500mm.


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