Torridon Unequal Split Extending Campervan Bed

Torridon Unequal Split Extending Campervan Bed

Similar to our Dunkeld model but an updated design encorporting the same huge extensing drawer out of the rear of your van (1.4 meters!) which also has removable separators and removable worktops to create a huge variety of storage and workspace options for prep, cooking or just alfresco table space!


The unit is designed around the wheel arch of most vans and has a neat cut out to clear the rear light cluster so the bed can get as close to your rear door as possible.


The unit is 1800mm long, 665mm wide in seat mode, 1165mm wide in bed mode.


The rear (smaller) extending portion is 565mm long and the larger is 1235mm long.


Internal dimensions of the large drawer are 1370mm long, 337mm wide, 285mm deep (this is with the removable lids in place so can be a little deeper if these are removed), it also contains the three removable separators which are equally spaced which you can use if you desire.


The front cupboard is 405mm deep, 345mm wide and 370mm deep.


We also have a version of the Torrdon for Caddy SWB vans being 1700mm long, please use the drop down box to selec this version. This doesn't reduce the length of the large pull out drawer but makes the cupboard at the other end 100mm smaller. A superb bed for a compact Caddy camper. 

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