Suas - Van Ceiling

Suas - Van Ceiling


Suas makes your van roof interesting...fed up with carpet lining (or fuzzy felt - remember that stuff!?) then this is for you. It's made from 6mm Natural Birch and we've engraved it with a relief map of the Torridon Mountain range in Scotland.


If you ask us nicely (via the option box below) we can even place the light cutouts on the peaks of the mountains for you...makes a change from the standard 2 x 3 lighting set up! 


Finally, we use 6mm Birch ply because it not only looks awesome but it's strong whilst retaining enough flexibility to follow the roof contour of your van. No cheap and nasty veneered MDF here! 

  • Compatibility

    Soas is compatible with the following vans:

    VW T5/T6 Panel Van SWB / LWB

    VW T5/T6 Kombi Van SWB / LWB

    Not compatible in: VW T5/T6 Shuttle or Caravelle

    Ford Transit Custom L1/H1 (SWB) and L2/H1 (LWB) Standard Van not currently suitable for other variations such as Tourneo, Crew Cab etc. 

    PLEASE NOTE: these are not compatible with pop top roofs. A pop top panel is in development and will be listed as an option when ready!

  • Fitting / Install

    Fixing to the roof can be done using Tek Screws or by Bonding. 

    Depending on the size / type of van the Suas roof is supplied as two or three panels

    For example:

    SWB T5/6

    Made up of 2 pieces 

    1 x 1330 x 1200mm

    1 x 1330 x 920

    LWB T5/6

    Made up of 3 pieces 

    2 x 1330 x 1200mm

    1 x 1330 x 120mm (infill piece which joins and partially overlaps the larger panel but continues the engraving detail) 

  • Lights

    As standard we will supply the roof without cutouts or wire holes. This allows you to position the lights to suit your installation.

    However, we  like to be a bit different and if you select the 'please do the light cutout thing' then we'll cut 6 holes in the roof which coincide with the trig points and features of the mountain range. The holes are cut to suit flush fit / recessed LED down lights Ø68mm. Don't worry, this is a fairly common size and they're available from the myriad of friendly conversion shops and websites (as well as the less friendly big sites too)

  • Shipping

    We can ship our Saos ceilings as a separate product via DHL/UPS (UK Mainland). However, due to the dimensions we have to charge £110.00 for shipping. Due to the weird world of logistics we can also include a Balla wall setup and even an Urlar floor for the same shipping cost (!) so why not treat yourself!? 

    If you are ordering your Saos ceiling alongside other products which are shipping on a pallet we will incorporate it into the overall shipping costs however, the additional packaging for the Saos will mean a small increase to the overall delivery charge. This is shown at checkout. 

    If in doubt, hit the Contact Us button or give us a call and we can discuss the best options.

    BTW...we can ship to the Islands (for example; IoM, IoW and Scottish Islands)  but will need an address to confirm shipping costs. 

    Collection is FREE (by appointment)