Revolution Twin Sofa, U Shaped Set Up, Full Width Bed and Slide out Kitchen Pod

Revolution Twin Sofa, U Shaped Set Up, Full Width Bed and Slide out Kitchen Pod

The Revolution campervan unit is a superbly versatile option away from the "norm" of a 3/4 rock and roll and side kitchen unit. 


The Revolution comprises of a twin sofa set up (one on either side of your campervan), with two 900mm extending drawer boxes out the rear of the vehicle for alfresco cooking on a stove top, worktop prep and storage access. 


In the forward section of the unit there is also a large storage compartment in each side.


Designed into the unit are hidden wheel arch storage spaces accessible from top loading locker lids.


We understand that the weather isn't always ideal for outside cooking so we've made the pull out drawers also accessible from inside your van, via top loading lockers and also removable cupboard front doors. Meaning you don't have to venture outside to cook if the weather isn't looking good! The locker lids can be removed from their position to access a stove or supplies and be placed ontop of your upholstery as a temporary worksurface for prep and cooking.


There are three infill boards two of which are slightly smaller in length at 500mm, and one at 800mm. You can use one of these boards as an infill to create a U shaped facing either end of the vehicle, whilst maintaining the full load length of your campervan for storage of all your toys! Ski's, snowboards, awning poles, bikes, fishing rods etc. With all three boards in place this creates the full width bed - a huge sleeping space! Not like the usual cramped 3/4 rock and roll.


The unit has the drawers mentioned above to the rear, and has cupboard space to the front half of the units. This again is accessible through removable top lockers, removable front cupboard doors, and through a pull off end cover close to the sliding door of the van. This enable access to this space without hinging / swining a door, and therefore allows the unit to be fitted to a LWB VW Kombi with the front row of seats still in place.


The wheel arch storage areas also have a slide out lower barrier from the front end of the cupboard space, this allows the storage area to be closed off or not depending on what you would like to store in there. 


Each unit is 1800mm long and will fit a huge range of vans, including VW T4, T5, T6, Transit Customs, Vivaros, etc. We can also custom manufacture these units for VW Caddy Maxi's and SWB Caddy vans. The widths of these vans vary so all we need to know is the width from wall to wall of your van to make sure the infill panels for the U shaped set up and bed are wide enough to bridge the gap in the middle. Please use the field to input this information when ordering. 


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