Kitchen Pod - Stanage Series

Kitchen Pod - Stanage Series


Our Stanage series Kitchen Pods are fully customisable, allowing you to determine the width of the unit, cupboard layout, colour and worktop material, profile and / or cutouts.


Designed and manufactured from eco friendly plywood our Stanage series Kitchen Pods are easy assemble and easy fit, requireing only slight scribing in at the rear to the wall of your van. 


The units slot together using our unique interlocking panel design, keeping assembly super simple for you.


Our units are 725mm high and 500mm deep as standard. If you require other dimensions please get in touch using the contact form or email us at


Slimmer units (700mm and under) come with either two cupboard doors (large at the top and smaller underneath), or one larger door, with or without a shelf.


Units between 700mm and 1000mm have a vertical separator in the middle enabling you to have a larger combination of cupboards. A shelf can also be included in this design, in one side or both sides.


Pods between 1000mm and 1500mm have two vertical separators inside creating three sections to the unit. These can have any combination of cupboard doors, and can also have internal shelves.


The worktops can be any shape, as standard they are rectagular and follow the profile of the unit, however we can add curved extensions as optional extras. 


Please create your unit using the options below and we'll be in touch after receiving your order to go through all the excact details. You can use the additional notes section to confirm any details if they aren't listed. 


All units are made to order so lead times will vary. 

Colour: Natural (untreated)