Cuillin Adventurer VW Caddy SWB, Maxi and Kombi

Cuillin Adventurer VW Caddy SWB, Maxi and Kombi

Our Cuillin Adventurer has been redesign and adapted for VW Caddy SWB, Maxi's and Kombi vans. All the same awesome funtiinality as our larger format model but in a smaller platform to make the most of your smaller space. Boasting a huge variety of options from one simple assembly, quick fit, affordable piece of furniture. You'll be locked, loaded and prepped for anything a van trip can throw at you.




- Front facing seat

- Rear facing seat

- Full width bed

- Bed with lounging backrest (facing forward into the van, or towards the rear to get the most of the view!)

- Flat storage box

- Huge extending, heavy duty, removable, rear tray system

- Easy assembly

- Manufactured from 18mm Hex Birch Plywood, this unit has an contrasting beauty to the design and is super strong and durable.

- Compatible with VW Caddy SWB and Maxi, but also the Kombi versions as we've designed an integrated support systen for the bed extension panels which means you can either use the slide out support system, or extend the additional bed panels over the folded sear seats.




SWB Caddy - 1700mm bed extension and 340mm high - this dimension is from the floor of the van to the underside of the seat base. This provides the perfect balance of under storage and head room clearance.


Caddy Maxi - 1800mm bed extension and 340mm high - this dimension is from the floor of the van to the underside of the seat base. All the same functionality but just with slightly longer extension panels for the bed. 


The higher design enables the bed extension panels to be extended over the folded rear seats of a VW Kombi. The standard internal pull out support system is still included in this model, which provides you with the option of using your folded VW factory seats or if you wish to remove them you can still have full functionality of the Cuillin bed system. This option raises the bed base and creates more clearance for items in your slide out tray. 




When the unit is in storage or seat assembly option it measures 1000mm long, 1300mm wide and is 340mm high to clear the wheel arches.

Folded out as a bed the unit is 1800mm long for the Caddy Maxi build and 1700mm for the SWB build.

The internal dimensions of the slide out tray are 876mm wide x 870mm deep, this provides a very versatile, accessible storage area underneath out bed system.


Whatever you store can also be accessed from inside your van by lifting up the seat bases of the bed unit.


Our multifunctional Cuillin Adventurer signature series unit, is the most innovative, multi-configuration campervan bed ever designed.


Simple assembly and fitting so you can store your Cuillin Adventurer quickly and easily in the garage during the week, pap him in your van on a Friday night, bosh, camper conversion complete and ready for the weekend.


You can also leave them in as a super versatile permanent fixture.





You can select your Cuillin unit with upholstery from the drop down menu. However if you wish to make your own cushions we suggest a Z bed style arrangement where there are four cushions attached together.

For SWB (1700mm bed extension) the rear most being 1300mm x 500mm (with small cut outs for the rear light clusters), the second cushion being 1300mm x 350mm, followed by a 1300mm x 500mm and then another 1300mm x 350mm. For the Maxi build  (1800mm bed extension) the rear most being 1300mm x 500mm (with small cut outs for the rear light clusters), the second cushion being 1300mm x 450mm, followed by a 1300mm x 500mm and then another 1300mm x 450mm. We recommend 3 inch thick foam. You can also use a 3 inch thick memory foam mattress topper - a little more tricky to fold up over all the configuration options, but a cost effective alternative.




Our Cuillin can be fitted in multiple ways;

1. Using L brackets and screws to the floor of the van.

2. Threaded inserts can be fitted to the floor of your van to enable you to use bolts to quickly and easily fit and remove your Cuillin from your van.

3. D-Rings can be fitted to the vertical sides of the unit, these can then be ratchet strapped down to the standard lashing points in your van. This enables you to quickly remove and refit your Cuillin without making any holes in your standard van or using any screws.




We are currently operating on a 4 week lead time. Delivery is currently available to mainland UK at a standard charge of £45. Additional costs may be incurred for areas such as CLEZ, Highlands and Islands. If you think you may be affected by this please contact us at Due to the cost of shipping at this time we are unable to deliver to anywhere outside of mainland UK.




Your Cuillin will arrive partially assembled. The main bed frame will simply require slotting together folling the simple instructions included. The vertical support will be supplied fitted with the drawer runners as will the rear slide out tray. The runners for the slide out tray will be fitted but separated, so the tray will require sliding into place. The tray is fully removable as the heavy duty locking slides can unlock and slide apart.




Previously we have offered customisation on our products, however in this case we have designed the Cuillin range to be a flexible and versatile and to cover as many vehicle platforms as possible.


Coming Soon: Cuillin Expedition, the pinacle of the Cuillin range. The Expedition replaces the slide out box, with a twin extension drawer system. This will retail at £1700.


The Cuillin is available as a stand alone seating / bed framework (without the tray or drawer system). This is priced at £750.


Please email us at to order, please include name, address and contact telephone number.


Please note this unit does not fit VW Caddy Life models.


    SWB or Maxi



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