Cruinn Pegboard

Cruinn Pegboard


Cruinn Pegboard / Hookboard with hooks, pegs and shelving - birch plywood

Cruinn is short for Cruinneachaidh, meaning gathering place in Gaelic. Cruinn creates a perfect, harmonious, fully customisable, minimalist, stylistic interior solution for you to create your own interior hub for prided objects you want to show off in your home.

Whether it be for plant pots, books, coats, keys, glasses, mugs, or even better - whisky and wine, Cruinn is a creative way to make your home even more beautiful and functional.

We manufacture these to any size and supply them with any combination of shelving and hooks, so please send us a message and we can price up your order for you. We can also even design and manufacture custom shelves and hook options for you to hang any item. We've designed hooks for skis, snowboards and skateboards to name a few - so give us a challenge...

For pricing examples the Cruinn pictured is 1110mm x 500mm with 4 shelves at 200mm x 150mm and 7 hooks - this is priced at £200. Each 200mm x 150mm shelf is £15 (which comes with two hooked shelf supports and one rectangular shelf) and each hook is £5 extra to your main panel hookboard. So the main panel at 1110mm x 500mm is £105. Main boards can be pretty much any size up to 2300mm x 1150mm and start from £50 and up to £250 for the largest size.

Just drop us a message with the dimensions and combination of shelving and hooks and we'll get some bespoke pricing to you as soon as possible.