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Introducing The Ply Guys North America

February 2022, North America

Incase you missed it on our socials we're following in the foot steps of our ancestral plywood pioneers and venturing into the great expanse that is North America!

Much like our ancestors who made that long trip to the Americas, (battling the high seas, pirates and scurvy?!) trying to send awesome campervan furniture over seas in post brexit UK isn't that different! What an easy time we had, click a button and nice man in a van would come whisk our products off to a new life in the sun! Unfortunately to send something big overseas these days comes with more pages and hurdles to jump than Colin Jackson reading a Joan Collins novel! In fact we'd probably rather read that than jump through these post brexit hoops.

But we're not ones to be easily defeated, so fuelled by a bulging inbox of customers requests for our innovative and awesome campervan bed and storage systems (had to get the seo stuff in there sorry) from Canada, America, Mexico and everywhere in-between we shut the workshop doors, cracked open a dusty bottle of Laphroaig quarter cask and let the matured American oak scent inspire a plan....

And it worked!!

So.. we're delighted to announce that all Ply Guys furniture will be available across North America via '' and the order book is opening very soon. We'll be making an 'Oklahoma' sized shout on our socials when we launch but in the meantime go check us out on Instagram and give us a follow, any support is much appreciated!

Team TPG :)

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