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Adventure-ready with your furry co-pilot!


Loch Lomond, Scotland

Introducing the Bruich Beag Cu Kitchen Pod & Dog Crate – the ideal solution for adventurers who want to bring their furry companions along on road trips.

Crafted with compactness and convenience in mind, the Bruich Beag Cu kitchen pod offers a compact slide-out cook drawer paired with a versatile storage space suitable for your dog, coolbox, or even a toilet. Each drawer is equipped with 60kg rated and locking drawer runners, ensuring stability and security during travel.

The worktop features a natural birch ply design with a touch of Ply Guys style, complete with a standard "flippy uppy" feature. Crafted with a 3-inch upholstery, it's tailored to fit seamlessly with your Torridon or matching Ply Guys bed, providing optimal working clearance.

Designed to accommodate our preferred cooler, the unit is perfectly suited for housing the Yeti Tundra 35. Ideal for extended weekends, this cooler operates without the need for power and proves incredibly convenient for van life. Moreover, the Yeti Tundra 35 can be easily removed from the drawer and utilized as additional seating elsewhere in the van, aligning perfectly with our Torridon, Clachan, and Cuillin van beds. If you're considering using this as a toilet drawer, the Thetford 335 fits perfectly inside, with convenient space next to it for storing a large water canister.

We recommend the CADAC as the preferred cooker unit for the Bruich Beag Cu, It offers excellent value, compactness, and reliable performance. There's plenty of space to accommodate it, but it's always a good idea to double-check the dimensions provided below. The addition, the Flippy Uppy extends the width of the worktop by 210mm, resulting in a total width of 710mm. This feature not only provides extra space but also serves as a convenient workspace for a laptop when seated on your Torridon. Additionally, it offers a perfect spot to place your beer, gin, or wine glass for easy access.


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